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Camersoft MSN Video Recorder

Camersoft MSN Video Recorder could record MSN webcam video call and convert video to MP4
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27 January 2015

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This software will let you record MSN Live messenger chat sessions as AVI video.

Camersoft MSN Video Recorder is a Windows Live Messenger recorder software. This can help you record MSN webcam during conversation and save as AVI files. Unlike other software that capture the screen this is able to capture the original video data of MSN video call. Thus there would be no missing frames or loss in quality. The interface is quite simple and makes the software easy to use and takes only a few mouse clicks to get a session recorded. There is a converter tool integrated with the software that lets you to convert files into many other formats including MP4, WMV, iPod, Zune, Mobile Phone, MP3, etc. It becomes easy then for sharing with family and friends. To ease the management of the recorded sessions, you can take a snapshot of the video and use it as an icon to identify the video later.

You are able to record yours as well as your chat partner’s video in these sessions. The tool would let you work with all versions of the MSN and Windows Live messengers and works in Windows right up to Vista and 7 environments starting with the XP. Recording is one click. You just have to start the recorder after the chat session is on. The converter has play mode in which you can check the recording in a preview window. Conversion to other formats is done equally easily. If you want, you can extract only the audio into MP3 files too. Whether for business reference or pleasure, you can play these videos not only on the desktop/laptop but any portable player you have.

Publisher's description

Camersoft MSN Video Recorder is a professional Windows Live Messenger recorder software which could help you to record MSN webcam during conversation and save as AVI files. This MSN Recorder use new technique to capture the original video data of MSN video call. And with the simple and friendly user interface, the MSN webcam recorder is very easy to use, only a few clicks are needed to complete your MSN recording.
In addition, Camersoft MSN Video Recorder is even integrated with advanced video converter tool, with which you could easily convert the MSN recorder video files to many other formats, including MP4, WMV, iPod, Zune, Mobile Phone, MP3, etc.. This will help you greatly to share the MSN videos with your family and friends. You could free download to try it and get the free upgrade after purchase.
More Features:
(1) Record both your webcam and your MSN chatmate's video with high quality.

(2) Compatible with All versions of MSN and Windows Live Messenger, including new Windows Live Messenger 2009!
(3) Support Preview and Snapshot
After recording MSN, you could load the video into Camersoft Video Converter
to replay it and take "Snapshot" to save your favorite screen as BMP pictures.
(4) Advanced video Conversion options
The converter not only support so many output formats, but enable you to set
the video resolution and video bitrate to fit different player or mobie phone screen.
If you need only audio, you could also extract the audio from the AVI files into MP3.

(5) Support Vista and Windows 7 OS.
Camersoft MSN Video Recorder
Camersoft MSN Video Recorder
Version 3.3
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User comments

I have recently purchased camersoft`s msn messenger video recorder suite and I can confirm ...It does NOT work. They told me it was compatible with Windows 7 and you can play the recorded footage on windows media player... that is a lie. They have had me downloading updates and installing new media playing software, however I can still not play the recorded footage.
Once they ran out of ideas and they could not play the recorded footage either I requested a refund and now they have stopped contacting me altogether. I am now in the middle of taking legal action against their company. I warn you.... do not use this company, all they are interested in is taking your money. Be warned!!!!
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